6 curious kids interview their moms about life and love

This is something that’s worth taking a time to read and listen.
It’ll leave you with a smile on your faces and a new perspective about life.

TED Blog

Kids-interview-moms-mainIf you could sit down and interview your mom, what would you ask her? Would you ask about your childhood? Her childhood? Would you re-tell old funny stories? Try to dig up some of her secrets?

As an adult, the idea of interviewing your mom can seem pretty scary. Kids, on the other hand, are fearless interviewers, especially when Mom is the interviewee. Their questions range from silly to tough to profound, delivered with genuine curiosity. The bottom line? You just never know what kids are going to ask next.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are six StoryCorps interviews — suggested by TED Prize winner Dave Isay —featuring kids asking their moms some insightful questions, and the beautifully honest answers they received.

An 11-year old in Missouri asks, “How’s it feel to you, telling someone they’re going to die?”

Sarafina-and-Dana-squareSarafina Viviano’s mom, Dana, works as a nurse at a…

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