Schindler’s List – The List Is Life

Schindler would have been an easier man to understand if he’d been a conventional hero, fighting for his beliefs. The fact that he was flawed – a drinker, a gambler, a womanizer, driven by greed and a lust for high living – makes his life an enigma. He was a man who saw his chance at the beginning of World War II and moved to Nazi-occupied Poland to open a factory and employ Jews at starvation wages. His goal was to become a millionaire. By the end of the war, he had risked his life, spent his entire fortune to save those Jews and had defrauded the Nazis for months with a munitions factory that never produced a single usable shell.

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[Reblogged] A Letter To Everyone Who Will Eventually Watch 50 Shades of Grey

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Hey darling, Now, I don’t know where on the sexual spectrum you place yourself. I do know, however, that you’re a citizen of the interwebs, and 50 Shades of Grey is going to be rather fascinating to you. If you’re a citizen of India, you know that it’s…

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[Reblogged] Me.

So, why would you think
I should be ashamed of my assets
In which I hide, I feel, I thrive?
My body is me,
My home.
No matter where my soul travels to
It’ll be found here
No matter what makes me feel alive
I’ll be breathing, here.

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