The Time of Our Lives

This isn’t much of an article, it’s a part fact, part fictional account of the best time of our lives. I hope you enjoy it and experience it.

A day comes in everyone’s life when we have to let go of something, that’s when we truly realize how much we loved them. Well, the first time I saw it, I never thought I would miss it all so bad.

Well, 14 years is a long time, long enough for people to forget things. But I still remember it – clear as day – the first day of school. Entering the school from the same gate through which, after 14 memorable years, I left. I still remember walking through the cool, shady corridors to my class, holding hands of my mom and dad. I remember seeing them wave me bye and the teacher taking me to the class.

I loved those little benches, below the blackboard, where we kept our water bottles. I loved the awesome nap times at the end of the last period; the maths class which looked so hard back then; the melodious chanting of ABCD EFG HIJKLMNOP (in that famous tune of course) as if it were our anthem – how much I miss it all. The walking in a line pretending to be a train; singing ‘Ringa-ringa roses’; playing on the merry-go-round; awesome little picnics in the school playground – that’s something I desperately want back.

Surely, we all cried that first day – some crying for their parents to not leave, while some crying for the school to not end.

We discussed cartoon shows instead of movies and songs and gossip. I remember three of my friends who used to have a writing race to see who could write the fastest. Years rolled by and some of us changed sections, some changed schools – but the friendship never changed. I remember how eagerly I waited for my English teacher’s class, craving the smiley shaped ‘Good’ remarks that made my day and her scrapbook projects.

Soon enough we were in class 6, wearing a tie for the first time, hell, it was odd (unless I had known Barney Stinson back then). The same boys and girls who used to tease each other as children had now fallen in love. The next three years for me were somewhat unique as I belonged to the talented ‘B’ section – home to the mischief-makers. I believe you might have gone through something similar. Every week there was a JXD (those Chinese video players, which would now be ashamed to death by even the cheapest of smart-phones), mobile, camera, iPod in the class. Even Bill Gates would have been shamed by our wealth. A Beyblade (remember the cartoon?), dozens of pens in a bag (just for playing pen shot), a CD exchanged everyday (mind you, in my time, a CD was the cheapest high-capacity storage available). Enough cosmetics were seized in a week to make even look like a woman. And bang, I had reached class 9.

And there were all kinds of people telling me to study these two years and enjoy life later. This is the universal lie, told to you at all stages of life until you finally rest (in peace). Well the first day in a new class started a very good friendship in the most unexpected of ways. Let’s just say I’m a bad luck magnet, and I got beaten up by a bully the first day even before I entered the class. And fate has its ways (although we make our own fortunes and call it fate) – I was assigned a project with him, which made us become good friends.

Every school has some unique groups, mine had too. A Nerd Team (well they lived it and are at IITs and not nerds anymore), a Back Bencher Association, a Bully Team, a group of dumb, and another of smart girls. There is that one teacher who is always bothered by cross-gender communications. There was the Biology Lab Assistant who had made it his mission to talk in the unclearest of voices possible. That one teacher to whom if you asked questions, they would feel like you were testing them. And then, there are some teachers that you just can’t hate. And lo, I had passed class 10 ‘boards’ and had made a lot of friends at tuitions and of course Facebook on the way out.

Some of us left for other schools while some others came to our school looking for better prospects. I believe we spent about half of the next two years bunking classes, sleeping at the back benches (which evidently wasn’t a good idea).

Those two years pass so fast so good that you are left craving for more. Right now, I’m struck by an odd scenario – the day when all of us leave this place behind to create a future for ourselves. I don’t know if I wish to stay forever young or grow up old telling my children and grandchildren about the awesome stories that I lived with my friends. I just hope that one day when we are all old; we may look back at our golden years, the times of our lives, and feel free, free of all fears, free of all uncertainties, free of all troubles and free of our age. A little smile may spread upon our face which will get wider the harder we try to hide it.

Oh, when I look back now

The summer seemed to last forever

And if I had the choice, yeah

I’d always wanna be there!

Those were the best days of my life.


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