Casillas: “I’m moved and deeply happy; I’ve had 12 marvellous years”

“The team is doing a great job; we have many objectives, but we must focus on short-term goals and on one game at a time”

Presentación Libro Casillas

Iker Casillas shared his happiness and deep emotions stirred by the publication of a biography presented today at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

You were visibly moved during the presentation…

I was. I didn’t expect to see so many people in the Presidential Balcony of the Santiago Bernabeu. I am very grateful… and very, very happy. I am 30 years old and I’ve had 12 marvellous years since I made my debut in 1999. There were so many people here today that I couldn’t greet them all.

We’ve seen you even shed a slight tear. How do you feel?

Deeply moved. I didn’t have time to see everyone who came. I happened to see two or three people I played with on the Under-18s and Under-16s. It is beautiful to have so many people support you.

How is it to have a biography written about you when you’re only 30 years old?

It’s what I said… Having a book written about you when you’re 30 can make you feel good or bad, but the latter is not my case. I must admit it took some convincing from Enrique Ortego, but I eventually supplied him with anecdotes, most of which are usually told by mothers and the people one is close to… Some may be a little embarrassing, but they’re there with affection and joy.

What do you think of the title ‘A champion’s humility”?

It honestly feels rewarding and gratifying. To see so many people here happy for me… It’s also special to meet so many people, getting to know them more or less well, but always instilling in them a fond memory of yourself.

What do you feel when you open the book, see those pictures of you as a child and realize what you’ve become?

I feel happiness. I dedicate all this to my mother. How could she know that little fat kid with a big head would give her such problems and joy? I’m happy. I think I had a happy childhood, with the usual problems we all have, but very happy overall. People know me much more now. They know Casillas the footballer. They know my career and a little about my life. I’m happy for that too…

It’s inevitable to ask what you think about the team right now…

We’re doing a great job and must continue to do so. We have great objectives, but we must focus on short-term goals and on one game at a time.

Some images from the release:


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